GFL Cosmetics considers whistleblowing as an important tool to prevent, avoid, or halt potentially harmful illicit actions and, at the same time, to promote transparency and integrity.



Entities eligible to submit a whistleblowing report include:

  • Customers
  • Entrepreneurs (individuals with administrative, managerial, supervisory, or representative roles)
  • Employees (encompassing all staff members)
  • Former employees
  • Providers (suppliers)
  • Others

In accordance with external regulations, GFL Cosmetics ensures the confidentiality of the whistleblower's personal data, as well as protection from any retaliatory actions of a professional, contractual, or organizational nature, and from any action or omission that may constitute a form of retaliation, penalty, or direct or indirect discrimination against them for reasons related, directly or indirectly, to the reported incident. Protective measures are also extended to involved third parties.



Irregularities that can be reported include behaviors, acts, or omissions that harm public interest or corporate integrity.

Violations can be classified into the following categories:

  • Violations of national and European provisions encompassing offenses in the following sectors: public procurement; financial services, products, and markets, including anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing; product safety and compliance; transportation safety; environmental protection; radiation protection and nuclear safety; food and feed safety and animal health and welfare; public health; consumer protection; privacy and personal data protection, as well as network and information system security;
  • Violations of European provisions encompassing: i) acts or omissions harming the Union's financial interests; ii) acts and omissions concerning the internal market; iii) acts and behaviors undermining the purpose or objectives of Union acts in the aforementioned sectors;
  • Violations of national provisions comprising administrative, accounting, civil, or criminal offenses;
  • Violations of regulatory instruments or acts pertaining to facts or behaviors contrary (or in conflict) to the assumed responsibility to respect the human rights of individuals or communities, falling under the following categories: (i) health, safety, and well-being of local communities; (ii) violation of workers' rights; and (iii) occupational health and safety.



A) Reporting via Digital Platform

Our internal system allows for reporting through a dedicated digital platform available at the following link: GFL SA - Complaints

B) Oral Reporting via Direct Meeting

It is possible to make a report by requesting a direct meeting with the Reporting Management Committee. To request an appointment, always use the dedicated digital platform: GFL SA - Complaints

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