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A collection crafted with masterful, traditional herbal expertise.

The Cosmos Organic certified cosmetics range is formulated and developed to be effective and respectful of the skin and environment.

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De Rerum Natura is a poem, written by the Roman philosopher Titus Lucretius Carus in the 1st Century BC. With the same purpose of narrating “the nature of things”, The Rerum Natura is the definition of a cosmetic brand inspired by authentic herbal preparations.


All cosmetics In The Rerum Natura range are COSMOS Organic Certified. This certification process guarantees the final product capable of marking a new frontier of superior standards and innovation. A COSMOS certified organic product is guaranteed worldwide.


Only pure botanical essential oils have been selected to create the clean fragrance of all The Rerum Natura Cosmetics. Distilled from aromatic plants, their intense perfume is preserved for pure well-being. Expertly blended, they retain this sublime aroma that recalls the gentle embrace of mother nature. No synthetic fragrances have been used. This unique fragrance is blended into each of our nurturing and gentle formulas which help restore skin’s health and natural beauty.


The Rerum Natura cosmetics collection is available in a wide range of sizes and formats. In accordance with its love and respect for nature, The Rerum Natura collection is presented in 100% r-PET bottles and dispensers. Post Consumer recycled plastic is still 100% recyclable.


Made of a single piece of material, this style tube has been developed for higher energy efficiency during production, compared with a traditional tube, and is designed for easy disposal after its use.


The range from simple free-standing bottles to wall dispenser mount allow for great flexibility. An evergreen choice for hotels and public areas; thanks to a wide range of accessories it can be placed almost everywhere.

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