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Geneva green

Eco-responsible choices
are a daily commitment.

the collection

Circular design: new life, new value, less waste.

GFL Cosmetics Hotellerie - EU

Imagine that products have a lifecycle without a beginning, a middle, or an end. After use, materials are recycled; this is the circular economy. Can you imagine what would happen if everything around us was designed to be restored and regenerated? Geneva Green aligns itself with this promise. By choosing this range you help to close the loop!

Compensating CO2
emissions helps to reduce
global greenhouse gases.
With Geneva Green, eco
responsible choices
are a daily commitment.

100% post-consumer
recycled plastic r-PET.

Conscious consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their products.
Reduced packaging and increased recyclability will become the main priorities in the next decade, research shows. Geneva Green is unique in its circular design approach. Bottles are made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic r-PET.
This means zero waste to landfill!

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