RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm oil) 

GFL Cosmetics Hotellerie - EU

RSPO is an internationally recognised certification standard for sustainable palm oil. GFL is an RSPO supply chain certificate member, supporting the production of sustainable palm oil.

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Supply Chain Certificate System:

GFL Cosmetics Hotellerie - EU

After compliance to all regulations, a certificate confirming that the products can be produced and distributed is released. The certificate is renewed every year after a specific Audit conducted by external certified third parties.

RSPO members who have purchased RSPO Credits are entitled to claim their support for the production of certified sustainable palm oil.

GFL Cosmetics Hotellerie - EU

Labelling rules
Signature of RSPO certified supply chain with the application of specific logos on the primary pack.

GFL Cosmetics Hotellerie - EU

Labelling control
Each label approved by International Committee which guarantees the conformity of products and claims.

GFL Cosmetics Hotellerie - EU

Inspection, certification and control
An auditor is sent to conduct audits, inspections and take samples from the customers on their sites. Auditors can conduct both scheduled and random inspections.

The Audit certified:
1. Compliance to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) of GFL manufacturing site.
2. Cleaning and hygiene guaranteed during manufacturing process.
3. Traceability of every component of the finished product into all supply chain processes.


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