Design for recycling

Imagine that products have a lifecycle without a beginning, a middle or an end.
After use, materials are re-cycled; this is the circular economy.
Can you imagine what would happen if everything around us was designed to be restored and regenerated?

In Gfl we give new life to PET plastic,
every year we constantly increase our use of post-consumer r-PET.

Where do we get r-PET from?

The current technology of selection and recycling ensures that PET bottles are among the most easily selectable and recyclable types of packaging. Recycling starts with the collection of plastic scrap waste, to be regenerated into new reusable materials.

Plastic recycling step by step:

1. Collect plastic bottles
2. Clean and shred them
3. Extrusion
3. Process them into small granules
4. Create new raw materials

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