Futura Sleeping Mask Eco - 500Pack
Futura Sleeping Mask in matt Paper Sleeve with seals. Contains: 1 x black sleeping mask Produced in China Dimensions: 135 x 102 mm
Futura Shaving Kit Eco - 500Pack
Futura Shaving kit in matt Paper Box. Contains: 1 x double-bladed razor in recycled green plastic 1 x 6 ml shaving gel enriched with cornflower extract. Production: Shaving gel produced in italy, accessories are made in China. Dimensions: 58 x...
Futura Paper Tissues Eco - 1000Pack
Futura Paper tissues in matt Paper Box with seals. Contains: 5 x white paper tissues Produced in China Dimensions: 58 x 76 x 20 mm
Futura Hygienic Set Eco - 1000Pack
Futura Hygienic Set in matt Paper Sleeve with seals. Contains: 3 x round cotton disk 4 x cotton buds Produced in China Dimensions: 105 x 67 mm
Futura Dental Kit Eco - 500Pack
Futura Dental kit in matt Paper Box. Recycled paper sachet inside. Contains: 1 x soft bristle modular toothbrush 1 x 3 g toothpaste gel with organic sage extract with cold mint aroma. Production: Toothpaste gel produced in italy, toothbrush and...
Futura Comb Eco - 500Pack
Futura Comb in matt Paper Case. Contains: 1 x comb in recycled plastic green color with handle Produced in China Dimensions: 40 x 150 mm
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